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Common property manager questions and anwered below;

This page is mainly for Property Managers. The FAQ will grow over time to show questions for tenants as well.

If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us by going to our contact us page

If the property manager is unable to contact a lead within 2 weeks, then the lead cost will be credited to your account.
You will be charged $150 for each single family property that is connected via conference call.
You will be charged $100 for each unit in a potential multi-family management contract.
Once $3000 US Dollars are spent on our services within one calendar year, all leads thereafter are $150 within the calendar year.
If there is no communication between the property manager and Matt Stoker or another account manager within 4 hours of attempted text messages, calls, emails, then the lead information will be sent to you, and you will be charged $100.
If a lead is received, vetted, and seems 100% legitimate, but phone contact is unable to occur within 24 hours of receiving it, the lead will be forwarded to you at a cost of $50.

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