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Our Story

It all began when two long time friends Matt and Joel came together to the property management industry a better place for property managers.

Joel Otterstrom- Joel has a computer science degree from Brigham Young University and has started many technology related companies. Many of these companies were acquired by larger firms. Joel has been focused on web search results and digital marketing for over ten years. Joel is a family man, and can usually be found doing something fun with his kids when he isn’t working.

Matt Stoker- Matt loves the thrill of entrepreneurship, and “building a better mousetrap”. Property Management runs deep in his family. Matt’s grandfather was a property manager in the 1940’s, and Matt’s father and mother have been running a property management business for nearly 50 years. Matt was instrumental in the growth and success of one of the largest property management companies in the United States with nearly 250 offices coast to coast. He worked for that management company for 5 years while also running his own management company in Park City with a long-time friend. Matt’s greatest frustration with acquiring business was the lack of a good lead generation company. Most would charge a lot of money up-front, with very little to show for it months later. He was also extremely frustrated with the companies selling leads to many different people. Matt decided to try and get Joel to help him dominate web searches online, and then pass these leads on to the best companies he knew. Because of his years of experience going to NARPM events, and many industry related tradeshows, not to mention his assisting hundreds of people in opening their own offices, he is a walking billboard for the best management companies throughout the U.S.

How it works-

1. Usually, a lead will come in for an area where we don’t currently have a client. This is usually because they live where we are currently marketing, but they have a property they want managed elsewhere. Most of these property owners want to hire a manager yesterday!!! The property is usually vacant, or the tenant will be moving out soon, and they just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

2. Matt Stoker or another account manager will reach out to the prospect and let them know of our service, how we operate (we never charge the owner), and what distinguishes the managers that we work with, over the other companies in the area. Most often, Matt personally knows the firm owner, or they were a referral from someone he knows.

3. Matt Stoker will reach out to the personal friend he knows in that location, and see if they are interested and able to adequately service the property type, and situation of the prospect.

4. Matt or another account manager will then connect the two parties via conference call.

Most importantly, the prospect’s need comes before our own. Chances are, the prospect is feeling stressed over their property. It is more important that we can help them find a solution, than the digital strategy guys make money. With this philosophy, it is also expected that the property managers that we work with also understand that, and will find the time to take care of them. Our property manager clients need to place a high-priority on contacting them right away before they hire someone else.


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